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Democratising the WHO – The case for sortition


You may have noticed that the World Health Organisation is looking for a new head. No, I don’t mean that it’s been decapitated. Neutered, yes, but not decapitated. Edna Mode’s decade as DG is about to come to an end, and ‘the race is on’ to find her replacement. Who will it be?


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The cost of a global health education in the UK

Whether by distance learning or ‘in-house’, a global health education (GHE) in the UK is going to cost you a pretty penny. But how much, and does it pay to shop around? I’ve recently been involved in a review of GHE in the UK. With some colleagues from Simon Fraser University, we reviewed all UG and PG global health programmes on offer at UK institutions for the period 2013-14. Almost as an afterthought, we tabulated the cost of each programme. 


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Gender bending global health

Hands up, who thinks of women when someone mentions gender? Be honest now. You do? Well, guess what, you’re not alone. According to a couple of researchers writing in the Lancet today, many of the leading global health institutions do too. Worse, some don’t have much of a clue about gender at all. Here’s how Hawkes and Buse summarise their findings: “Gender is missing from, misunderstood in, and only sometimes mainstreamed into global health policies and programmes”. Ouch!


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Open Access Journals – Free at the Point of Readership

No doubt you’ll be as excited as I am at the prospect next week of not one but two new open access global health journals: the Lancet Global Health and Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP). Prompted by a twitter exchange with @MarkRTurner and Lancet editor @pam_das (which you can – for the time being at least – see on the right), I did a quick review of Open Access journal Article Processing Charges (APCs). Here’s what I found: 

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How DOES Coca-Cola do it?

Here’s a difficult question: “Why is it that we can buy Coca-Cola beverages virtually anywhere when basic health products like oral rehydration therapy or condoms are unavailable in many of those same places?” “Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult”, as Simon Foster might say. Read more

No same sex please: We’re African

The e-forum of Afro-Nets – the African network for health research and development – is an essential go-to resource for Africa health research news. Sadly, a recent story that should have engendered a sense of solidarity for Ugandan AIDS activists has, instead, generated an outpouring of gay-bashing of truly biblical proportions. Read more

Call for abstracts: A world of whose making? BRICS and the new world (dis)order in global health.

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on the BRICS and their influence in global health governance. Here are the details of a Call for Abstracts I’m circulating for a Special Issue of the journal Contemporary Politics. Deadline for submission is 19th November.  Read more

Ten funerals and a wedding, or: why I’m not in love with the olympics

I had thought I wouldn’t blog on the Olympics: it’s not exactly a global health issue and I’ll just alienate our one subscriber. However, if Duncan Green can get away with it, why can’t I? So, in no particular order, here’s ten reasons why I don’t love the Olympics and one reason why I sort of definitely do.  Read more

The Elders are coming, look busy!

Have you heard of The Elders? No, me neither, at least not until last week. When I did, I assumed it was a cult or some kind of retirement home for the once in-power but now dispossessed. Turns out it is, but for really self-important people. Well, self-important enough to call themselves ‘The Elders’. I bet you’re wondering who came up with such a patronising, tragic, cringe-inducing title? I bet it wasn’t Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel. Oh, it was. Read more

Global health journal impact factors 2012

It’s that time of year again – how quickly it comes round! What, what, you might ask? Is it time to turn the clocks back already? No, not that! I’m talking about Thomson Reuters publishing their annual Journal Citation Reports – the Report that tells you the impact factor of all your favourite journals. I’ve posted on this before – see here and here. Most university libraries have a subscription – check it out.

journal imageThis time around, I’ve updated our table and added a few more journals that regularly publish articles on global health – you can view it below. It’s not an exhaustive list, just the ones I know about. Fingers crossed the excellent journal Global Health Governance gets a mention by Reuters next year.

Global Health Journals 2012

Thanks to Victoria Fan, Monica Green, Igor Rudan, and Judith Green for their suggestions for journals to include – I’ve added them all to the new table. If anyone has further suggestions for next year, please leave a comment.


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