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Category: Miscellaneous

The Elders are coming, look busy!

Have you heard of The Elders? No, me neither, at least not until last week. When I did, I assumed it was a cult or some kind of retirement home for the once in-power but now dispossessed. Turns out it is, but for really self-important people. Well, self-important enough to call themselves ‘The Elders’. I bet you’re wondering who came up with such a patronising, tragic, cringe-inducing title? I bet it wasn’t Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel. Oh, it was. Read more

Welcome to Portswood!

Southampton Medics’ Review have been making some great videos over the years to raise money for charity. The proceeds from their latest show are to be split between The Cardiomyopathy Association – a leading cause of death in young people, and a local charity – The Soceity of St James – homelessness service. This time around they are hoping to raise in excess of £5000. To do that, they’ve produced this fabulous video – a take on Jay Z’s classic ‘Empire State of Mind’. For those of you who don’t know, Portswood is a suburb of Southampton and, according to the Medics Review, “one of the world’s darkest, dingiest places”. So, not like New York then.

If you like the video as much as I did, I hope you will consider a donation to one or both of their chosen charities, innit.


On this day…

Those of you who have entered the main entrance of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (where I work) will have noticed an electronic display ‘e-noticeboard’. Its main function is to tell everyone about events being held at the school. But there are plans afoot to expand its functionality by adding brief messages relevant to the mission of the school. Read more

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