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Open Access Journals – Free at the Point of Readership

No doubt you’ll be as excited as I am at the prospect next week of not one but two new open access global health journals: the Lancet Global Health and Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP). Prompted by a twitter exchange with @MarkRTurner and Lancet editor @pam_das (which you can – for the time being at least – see on the right), I did a quick review of Open Access journal Article Processing Charges (APCs). Here’s what I found: 

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Global health journal impact factors 2012

It’s that time of year again – how quickly it comes round! What, what, you might ask? Is it time to turn the clocks back already? No, not that! I’m talking about Thomson Reuters publishing their annual Journal Citation Reports – the Report that tells you the impact factor of all your favourite journals. I’ve posted on this before – see here and here. Most university libraries have a subscription – check it out.

journal imageThis time around, I’ve updated our table and added a few more journals that regularly publish articles on global health – you can view it below. It’s not an exhaustive list, just the ones I know about. Fingers crossed the excellent journal Global Health Governance gets a mention by Reuters next year.

Global Health Journals 2012

Thanks to Victoria Fan, Monica Green, Igor Rudan, and Judith Green for their suggestions for journals to include – I’ve added them all to the new table. If anyone has further suggestions for next year, please leave a comment.


Which global health journal do you recommend…?

I’m often asked by students and colleagues to suggest a suitable global health journal for their work. A while back, I compiled this table of journals that publish research on global health. It’s not bang up to date and you will need to check the journal website for the latest on their impact factors, terms and conditions etc. Hopefully, you will find amongst these the perfect home for your next eminent contribution to global health.

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Impact factors of global health journals – how does your favourite measure up?

As Richard Horton reminded me this morning over breakfa…sorry, I’m still in #johannhari mode. In this week’s Lancet Editorial, Richard Horton name drops the just-published 2010 Journal Citation Report Impact Factors. Hotter than a hot cross bun, the Journal Citation Index (accessible via your university or public library) provides a measure of the frequency with which an average article is cited each year in the 2 years after publication.

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