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Kratom can be brilliant for building your mood and it can be brilliant for boosting your energy levels when you need that little extra. So what we’re going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about the best kratom for energy and mood boosts.

I’m going to talk to you about my personal experiences here. Rather than just being a cold a generic review of the kratom strains that are good for boosting your mood, I’m going to talk about the ones I tried over the past four years. I struggled with depression at times, a bit of anxiety, and sometimes life gets you down when things go wrong. Kratom has really helped me through that.

You have to be sensible, although kratom can be great for euphoria, and an opiate-like experience, if not treated with the respect it can have side effects and issues with tolerance and addiction. So, I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know in personal terms so that you can see where you would like to start experimenting with the positive benefits of the best kratom for energy and mood for you.

How Kratom Helps To Boost Energy And Mood Levels

So the first question to answer is does kratom actually help to boost energy and mood levels much at all?

I can emphatically tell you that the answer to that is yes!

Let’s talk about the physical energy boost first. Kratom is a member of the coffee family, and it contains many stimulants. Low doses of red, white, and green kratom are all stimulating because those are the alkaloids that predominate in effect at that level of dose.

But white kratom, and to a degree green kratom, contain a different alkaloid profile to red kratom. At the higher doses white kratom especially retains that high energy both mentally and physically. Physically, you will have bags of energy, you will want to get things done, and it’s perfect for hitting the gym with.

In terms of boosting your mood, it’s about creating cognitive energy as well. You’ll feel sharper, think faster, you’ll get more done, be more determined. But also, you’ll feel happier, and as the dose increases, this happiness can become euphoric.

Let’s put that all together for you:

  1. White kratom is very energizing physically and mentally. There’s no calm and pain relief in this, you’ll feel satisfied and happy, but you’ll be stuffed full of physical and cognitive energy.
  2. Green kratom is the middle ground when you will get a significant physical and cognitive energy boost, but backed up with more calmness and pain relief.
  3. Red kratom can help to boost your mood, by really keeping you calm and happy, at high doses euphoric. In terms of physical energy, it’s really not great because it’s a strong analgesic and it will be sedate you as well. In terms of mental energy, unless you get a high dose it can still give you a cognitive boost though.

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Which Kratom Is Best For Energy?

My first experience with a great quality kratom was White Borneo. I took 6 g and it was probably too much to start off with. I never got so much done in three hours. I was energized, I was thinking well, I was thinking outside the box, I got a project done ahead of schedule, and then I went off to the gym as well. By the time it wore off I had literally collapsed. But I felt brilliant and positive throughout.

But the truth is that any white kratom strain will be fantastic for boosting your physical energy levels. It’s more about the quality of the kratom than the actual strain itself.

But to give you some idea, White Borneo, White Bali, and even White Vein Thai are all fantastic strains to start experimenting with if you want a significant boost in cognitive and physical energy. Just don’t start with a dose that’s too overwhelming.

If you want something more subtle, and you want more calmness, then go for a classic green strain. Green Malay is one of the most popular strains on the market because it perfectly balances that euphoric positive mental and physical energy with calmness and direction.

How To Experiment With Kratom To Boost Your Mood

Let’s now look at how you can boost your mood using kratom. It’s the same as physical energy really, you’re giving yourself positivity and mental energy to get things done and feel happier and calmer.

Again, how you want to feel will affect the type of kratom you’re going to use:

  1. White kratom is fantastic for feeling strongly energized mentally. It will also significantly enhance your mood. You’ll feel very positive using white kratom. Any of the classic white strains will really help, White Borneo, White Bali, White Thai, but I especially love White Horned kratom. It’s just got a little extra kick of positivity that really feels great.
  2. Green kratom can also be the best kratom for energy and mood. In terms of mood, it’s slightly euphoric, warm, close to red the higher the dose you go. You’ll still retain high energy, you’ll feel positive, outgoing, but you’ll also feel deeply calm and focus. It’s why Green Malay and other similar green strains are used in fruit cocktails in Southeast Asia in city bars because they create a sociable environment but still with control and calmness.
  3. Red kratom is great for mood because the higher the dose the more you will deeply chill out. You’ll feel so calm that nothing will upset you. It’s perfect for when you’re highly upset or anxious, or when you’ve got withdrawal symptoms. If you just want to really chill out, and kick back, it can also be fantastic as a mood enhancer. Plus, at lower doses, a superb red strain like Borneo or Bali, or even the amazing Red Malay, will still retain cognitive function fully.

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Dosing Kratom To Boost Energy And Mood Levels

So to recap, to boost your physical energy looking at white or green kratom strains, or small doses of red kratom.

To boost your mood and mental energy levels white kratom can be good, but it can be a little jittery as well. But white or green are fantastic. Red can be good at lower levels, and deeply calming higher levels, but it can tip over into very strong sedation.

Let’s take a look now at dosage. As I said, at low doses, up to around 5 g all kratom is energizing, it’s at about that dosage that the effects diverge.

It’s really tough to give you exact dose ranges because kratom is very personal and obviously will depend on the quality of the kratom are using, as well as the color and strain. But if I had to give you a starting point for your kratom journey, these are the brackets I’ll ask you to work within:

  • Low beginners dose of up to 4 g
  • Moderate full-spectrum dose up to 6 g
  • Strong full-spectrum dose up to 9 g
  • Overwhelming/euphoric/kratom high dose around 10 g

Let me tell you about when I first took White Maeng Da. It’s a highly energizing blend of kratom that often stronger than a white usually is. I took 4 g and I felt the rush, the full effects, huge positivity, and I wanted to get things done. Curious, an hour later I added another 2 g, and it was uncontrollable. Actually, too much for me. It was almost euphoric, but my head was rushing just too much. I was trying to do stuff but wasn’t focused.

So dosing really has to be carefully done. Work up the scale bit by bit. Go up a gram at a time every time you take some kratom. So do 4 g, wait a few days and then do 5 g. Wait another few days, then do 6 g. When it feels a bit much, step it back a couple of grams and that should be roughly where you’ll get the maximum effects from the best kratom for energy and mood, euphoria, whatever effects you are looking to benefit from.

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What Is The Best Kratom For Euphoria?

Now let’s talk about the best kratom for euphoria. That’s basically the same as finding the best kratom energy and mood, but you’re making things up to a whole new level. It’s not something I’d actually advise you do that often, because the whole experience can become addictive, and it can also be a little overwhelming.

For me, the most euphoric kratom is green kratom strangely. Green Malay is my favorite, but Green Borneo is also good. I’d also point you towards the super green kratom from the Evergreen tree, which is rich in alkaloids and is a generic green kratom that is incredible for euphoria at stronger doses.

That’s the thing, you’re looking at high doses. For green kratom slightly higher than white or red. I’ll talk about red kratom later because it’s more about an opiate-like high with red kratom.

With white kratom, the clean rush of energy, that euphoric high, is very social, very outgoing very energetic. It’s a bit like ecstasy, but without being a full-on narcotic. You cannot stop, you want to chat you want to move, your mind is racing you feel very personable and warm. It’s definitely the most euphoric kratom if you want to get out there, but not as warm and chilling as green.

You’re looking at doses above 10 g. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a white or green, and it doesn’t really matter what strain, as long as it’s rich in alkaloid content then any kratom can be the most euphoric kratom at around 10 g or more. It’s just a case of experimenting with different strains to feel which type of euphoria and the all-round mood is best for you.

How To Get An Opiate -Like Kratom High

 Next, I want to talk about an opiate-like kratom high that you can experience mostly using red kratom. We are talking about heroin high feeling basically. Not in terms of the addictive nature of it, but in terms of the experience.

That’s why red kratom is so good for opiate withdrawal symptoms because it closely mimics the effects of opiates at high doses.

An opiate-like high will be a rush of smooth energy, sheer joy, delirium, happiness, washing over you washing you away. You’ll slowly drift down into ecstasy for up to 3 hours before you become completely laid out in calmness and deep sedation.

To achieve this incredible experience you’re looking at a very high dose. Some people coming off narcotics or extreme opiate medication addictions are taking 15 g to get that incredible rushing opiate-like high.

But for me, you’re looking at about 12 g to get the full incredible experience. Less if you’re using Red Maeng Da, and far less if you’re using something like kratom extracts, super kratom, or ultra-enhanced kratom.

What Is The Most Opiate -Like Kratom Strain?

In terms of strains, the most opiate-like kratom for me was Red Bali. Closely followed by Red Thai. They were just absorbingly rich and deep in the experience they gave me. Really deep calm, a real strong rush but not feeling out of control, and a level of happiness I can’t really explain. Just don’t do it too often because it’s addictive.

Red Bali, Red Thai, Red Vietnam, Red Sumatra, Red Horned, any of the classic red strains will give you a euphoric high.

What differs is the warmth and depth of the experience. Some are more energizing than others, and that even changes between batches.

As for everything with kratom, unfortunately, you’re going to have to experiment with different strains and dosages to get what you want.

One person might get an incredible euphoric experience with 10 g of red Sumatra, while another person won’t. So you really do have to buy a few different strains and experiment at different doses to see what works best for you.

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Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Energy And Mood Improvements

I want to finish this quick guide to finding the best kratom for energy and mood by talking about where you can actually buy kratom rich in alkaloids.

As I’ve said throughout this guide, you won’t find the best kratom for euphoria unless it’s rich in alkaloids, you will get a burst of energy unless it’s rich in alkaloids, and you won’t get an opiate-like kratom unless it’s rich in alkaloids.

So you’re looking at finding kratom to buy online that’s incredibly good quality, and guaranteed to be good quality. I’m going to tell you about two companies now who fit the bill.

1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is the most established kratom seller in the USA. Every batch of kratom is imported directly from where it’s grown and exported, and before it’s sold every batch is tested to make sure that the alkaloid content is rich and justifies the price.

The white Maeng Da and White Borneo from Coastline Kratom are incredible. These are my two staples when I want a significant boost in energy and mood. They will get me through the day, and they are fantastic value for the experience they give.

Coastline Kratom also sells a great value white kratom variety pack. It contains 25 g pouches of white Maeng Da, White Bali, and white vein Horned kratom as well. You’ll get a 10% discount on the individual sale price, and it’s a brilliant starting point.

I’ll also point you towards the Green Malay from coastline kratom. For mood and euphoria, it’s incredible and the powder is affordable as well.

Coastline also sells all of the kratom powder in capsules as well. It’s far more expensive to buy in capsules, but especially if you are a beginner the convenience is incredible. Plus, you don’t have to weigh anything, and you don’t have to deal with the difficulty of consuming raw kratom powder.

2. The Evergreen Tree

The second place I always buy my kratom from is The Evergreen Tree. Not as established as Coastline Kratom, the quality is still the highest you will find though.

More than that, the quality is whatever you want it to be. The standard quality is up to 1.4% alkaloid, the high-quality is up to 1.7% alkaloid, and the highest quality up to 2% alkaloid. For the kratom extracts, it’s up to 6%, so you can pay more to get the richness of the experience you want.

The Evergreen Tree sells 40 different types of kratom powder. I want to point you towards the very rare White Elephant kratom powder. It’s up to 2% alkaloids in purity and isn’t cheap. But the experience it will give you, and the number of experiences it will give you is huge. It’s brilliant for euphoria and perfect for an energy boost.

The Evergreen Tree also sells more than 20 different types of kratom in capsules as well. They even sell the White Elephant kratom powder in capsules if you don’t want to mess around with loose powder.

The Evergreen Tree also does a fantastic combo pack deal. You choose any three bags of kratom and choose the strength you want and add them to your cart. There’s a coupon code included on the product page you get 20% of the price of that combo deal as well.