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Using kratom is not just all about enjoyment, positivity, and getting cognitive benefits. It’s actually being realized that it’s a very good tool for dealing with physical pain, and also the problems of withdrawal, anxiety, and depression. So this quick guide is going to talk you through the best kratom for pain and anxiety in detail.

You will learn exactly how kratom can treat pain, scientifically what makes it work. You’ll also learn how it can deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions as well.

We will talk you through the best strains for dealing with pain and anxiety, and the dosage range you should be using. We will also cover using kratom to deal with depression, and tell you about the downside, the potential side effects, and problems you could encounter on your journey.

Plus, you’ll learn where you can buy really good quality kratom that is perfect for dealing with pain and anxiety at the lowest possible doses.

The Reasons Why Kratom Can Treat Pain

Kratom helps to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, and mood because of how it interacts in our body:

  • Kratom is a partial agonist of the opioid receptors
  • At low doses, kratom is a stimulant and only a minor agonist
  • At higher doses, kratom is a partial agonist of all four main opioid receptors
  • The opioid receptors deal with analgesia, depression, anxiety, mood, and appetite

The more you take, the stronger the effects are. But also, the different types of kratom matter as well.

There are three different vein colors, white, red, and green. They have slightly different effects, and as the dose increases those effects get more intense and can change:

  1. At low doses, White kratom is a stimulant. That makes it good for energy mentally and physically, and good for depression because it raises your physical and mental energy levels. At higher doses, it becomes euphoric, highly-energizing mentally and physically, plus it’s very good for sweeping away any negative feelings. But it’s not very good at dealing with physical pain.
  2. Green kratom has the traits of white and red kratom. It’s stimulating at lower doses, but as the dose increases, it starts to trigger the opioid receptors bringing on a stronger calming of physical pain, alongside calming of anxiety and lifting your mood.
  3. Red kratom is a stimulant at low doses, but as the dose increases it very rapidly becomes fully analgesic. It will also calm you down mentally and is brilliant for taking away anxiety, physical pain, and dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

kratom for pain management

Which Is The Best Kratom For Pain Management?

Answering the question around which kratom is best for pain isn’t simple, because the counter-question I’d ask you back is: what sort of pain? Physical pain is different from mental pain, but the two terms are used interchangeably.

But what I’m going to do here is cover emotional pain like anxiety and depression, withdrawal symptoms, and dependency later on in this quick guide to the best kratom for pain and anxiety.

So what I’m going to do now is talk to you about which kratom is best for physical pain.

For physical pain symptoms, you’re looking at red kratom mostly. It’s the strongest analgesic. Even at a moderate dose, it will start to regulate the opioid receptors, calming down pain signals dramatically.

For specific strains to recommend, I started with Red Borneo. It’s a rich and classic red kratom that even at a moderate dose almost completely deadens physical pain. You could also try Red Bali, Red Malay, or even the stronger Red Maeng Da kratom.

Green kratom is good for pain relief, but it’s not as intense and satisfying as red kratom. But it is more energizing, making it good for use during the day if you still need to function cognitively. A moderate dose of green kratom like Green Malay, or Green Sumatra is brilliant for getting rid of the worst of the pain, while actually sharpening you up cognitively and delivering a physical energy boost.

But really, any red kratom strain will do, and if you want more energy, try green kratom instead. It’s actually the dose and richness of the alkaloid content which is just as important as the strain you actually choose.

which kratom is the best for pain

Kratom Dosage For Pain Explained

So let’s take a quick look at the kratom dosage for pain that you’ll be needing to totally alleviate the physical pain symptoms are suffering.

That said, everyone will be different, so the amount that works for one person, won’t work as well for someone else. Also, the quality of the kratom is vital here. If it’s not rich in alkaloid content then you won’t get the same benefits. That’s why is vital you buy high-quality kratom.

So all I can do here is talk you through a rough dosage for pain based on my own experiences, by telling you about brackets I would advise you work through:

  • Beginners dose of up to 4 g
  • Moderate dose up to 6 g
  • Strong dose up to 8 g
  • Very strong dose up to 10 g
  • Overwhelming/euphoric dose above 10 g

If you’ve got kratom that is good quality then you’ll feel energized up to about 4 g. Above 4 g, usually around 5 g, you will feel the full spectrum of effects at a low level. So for red kratom for pain, you’ll feel significant pain relief, calmness, but still with focus and positivity.

So if you’re starting out with Red Borneo, or Red Malay, or any kratom red strain that’s rich in alkaloids (tell you where you can buy these classic strains with very good alkaloid content later), then around 5 g should be the point at which you get significant pain relief and can actually function better.

At a higher dose, you’ll feel the effects more strongly. Pain relief will become total, calmness will become total. You’ll still be focused and able to function, but you’ll feel increasing levels of sedation.

So in terms of kratom dosage for pain, pick your strain, let’s say Red Borneo. Start at 4 g and see how you feel. As long as you got good quality kratom you should feel energized and some minor pain relief. The full effects should kick in the next time you try it at a gram or two more. Then work up, until it becomes overwhelming, and you can step back from there to reach the sweet spot at which you get pain relief that can still function.

kratom dosage for pain

The Best Kratom For Anxiety

Let’s now talk about emotional pain, by talking about which is the best kratom for anxiety relief.

With anxiety, it’s actually the same as physical pain, you’re numbing things, dumbing things down, taking away your hyperactive mind, your negative thoughts, and that horrible negative energy generally.

So again, we are talking about red kratom as the best kratom for anxiety. Red kratom will have the following effects on anxiety symptoms:

  • Physically you’ll feel very calm. 5 g or more of a classic red kratom strain like Red Borneo, Red Bali, Red Thai, or even Red Indo will make you feel less on edge physically.
  • Emotionally red kratom will calm you down quickly as well. You’ll feel satisfied, happy, stress-free. All that anxiety, those anxious thoughts, will start to vanish and be replaced by a genuine feeling of satisfaction.
  • You also won’t get those horrible physical manifestations. You won’t be shivering, you won’t be shaking, you won’t be zoning out. You’ll feel really calmed down and able to focus. In fact, unless you take a high dose, your focus could actually improve.

Best Kratom For Anxiety

The Best Kratom Strains For Dealing With Depression

Using kratom for depression is slightly different to using kratom for anxiety because the two conditions are different.

Depression is more about your mind turning in on itself. You don’t want to do anything, you don’t want to go outside, you don’t want to speak to people. Everything is negative, and physically that manifests itself as feeling lethargic and not wanting to leave the house.

But you can turn all that around with even a moderate dose of kratom. Because kratom is a stimulant at low doses (5 g or less) white, red, or green kratom will all perk you up and give you more happiness, and a significant physical and cognitive boost.

At a dose above that level, the effects diverge. I wouldn’t then recommend red kratom, because that calms you down, but it won’t give you as much physical energy, it won’t be the best for lifting you out of depression physically or mentally.

White kratom is brilliant because it will give you a significant physical and mental boost. Cognitively you’ll be sharper, cleaner, and more positive in your thoughts. You’ll just basically be happier and do more.

Physically you’ll get a significant energy boost. You won’t want to sit down, you’ll feel so positive mentally, that the increase in physical energy will have you wanting to leave the house and engage with people. I’d recommend you try something like White Borneo or even White Maeng Da for a real kick. I even tried White Vietnam once and that is brilliant as well.

But if you find white kratom too energizing, or if you also suffer from anxiety and find it’s triggering it then Green kratom could be the way to go. It will give you some calmness and emotional pain relief, but it will still energize you and focus you. The classic strain is Green Malay, but any green strain will do, and I’ve had great success with energizing myself but remaining calm using Green Borneo as well.

kratom for treating depresion

Dosing Kratom For Anxiety And Depression

So let’s talk about dosing kratom for anxiety and depression. It’s slightly different to the kratom dosage for pain though, because you dealing with a different problem.

In terms of kratom for anxiety, you’re looking at the dose needed to calm anxiety down enough for you to get control of your thinking and your responses. At a minimum, you’re looking at 5 g of high alkaloid kratom, up to around 10 g if you’re really struggling, but that should be the exception. The sweet spot would really be something like 5-8 grams of a classic red like Borneo or Bali.

For depression, it could be slightly different. At a low dose, all kratom is energizing, so 5 g could be enough to give you the physical and cognitive energy lift that you need. You’ll feel more positive, and more ready to get out there again.

But obviously, if your depression is deep and you are really struggling, then it could need a slightly higher dose of white or green kratom to really energize you, sharpen you cognitively, and give you a genuine positivity and happiness.

Watch Out For Side Effects And Potential Dependency Problems

Kratom can be awesome for physical pain, and emotional pain of anxiety and depression. You have to be careful you don’t make your problems worse, because kratom can have problems of its own if not used sensibly.

Kratom has the ability to grow tolerance. That’s where you will need a higher dose to get the same effects. You must not use kratom every day. More days a week not using it than using it is a good rule to remember.

Also, use the smallest possible dose. Kratom feels fantastic at higher doses, but if you do that regularly then the tolerance will grow more rapidly.

Also, nausea and jitteriness are side effect for some people. Particularly if you suffer from anxiety this could increase the problem. That’s why I would never advise white kratom for anxiety, and to even use green kratom with a certain amount of caution.

So in terms of managing pain and anxiety using kratom generally, this is what you need to be aware of:

  • At higher doses kratom can become sedating which isn’t good for depression
  • White kratom can be very stimulating which isn’t good for anxiety
  • Nausea is a common side effect
  • You can also feel a lot of uncontrollable energy which is why the dose is important

You could try splitting your dose, taking half initially, and half an hour later so that you don’t get such a huge hit. Also, you can spread out the dose by mixing it with fruit juice and then sipping it over about 30 minutes, which allows the effects to grow slowly and there is less chance it could trigger anxiety especially if you accidentally taking too much.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain And Anxiety Relief

So let’s finish up here by telling you about where you can buy the best kratom for pain and anxiety management. I hope this has helped you a bit, it’s a big subject and unfortunately, a lot of it is down to experimentation.

Dosage is important, and the vein color is important. The secondary is the actual strain you pick because most white kratom is very similar to other white kratom strains. But there are subtle differences so you will have to try several to find what works you best.

Maeng Da is a strange one because it’s not actually a strain of kratom at all, it’s not from a region. It’s usually just stronger kratom, and the words Maeng Da are Thai for “pimp grade”.

If you get it from a reputable seller it will be stronger than normal kratom. But be aware that it can also be blended. So it could be Red Bali mixed with a very strong White Borneo. So it could be more energizing than normal red, even though it’s labeled up as Red Maeng Da. As with everything kratom, experimentation with various doses and types of kratom is key.

In order to buy the best kratom for anxiety, you’re looking for retailers that sell kratom that tested found to be high in alkaloid content. Retailers who have a direct import linked to the regions the kratom’s grown in, so the quality is superb.

Over three years I’ve only found a handful of sellers in the USA who guarantee the quality of the kratom, have a traceable supply line, and batch tests everything they buy in to make sure that the alkaloid content is high.

1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is definitely one of the first places you should look if you want to experiment with finding which kratom is best for pain for you.

Although they don’t sell the widest range of strains, they sell Malay, Borneo, Bali, Horned, and Maeng Da, what they do sell is the best you will find. Rich, earthy, bitter-tasting, and very high in alkaloid content. That magical 5 g dose will really hit the spot.

I can also tell you that the Maeng Da you buy from Coastline Kratom is genuinely stronger than standard kratom powder and only slightly more expensive. It will calm down anxiety, lift you from depression, and can totally alleviate pain.

2. The Evergreen tree

The Evergreen Tree is another fantastic and reputable kratom seller, but they don’t have the visibility that Coastline Kratom do online.

They do an incredible range of strains and types of kratom. 40 different powders, 30 different types of capsules, loads of extracts, super kratom, and ultra-enhanced kratom. Literally every type you could want. Quality is good, but not quite as good as Coastline Kratom unless you pay premium prices.

What I mean by that is The Evergreen Tree grade their kratom depending on the alkaloid bracket. The low alkaloid bracket up to 1.3%, the medium is up to 1.7%, and the high bracket is up to 2% alkaloid content in their standard powder. From using red Borneo from both of these recommended kratom vendors, I think the Coastline Kratom is at least 1.7%, so you will have to pay a bit more from The Evergreen Tree.

Both of these retailers also sell kratom capsules. If you want to work out the perfect kratom dosage for pain, dosed through the day, and deal with anxiety is occurs, then kratom capsules are brilliant because you don’t have to deal with loose powder, and you can keep topping yourself up discreetly when things aren’t great.