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As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, using synthetic urine for a drug test is one of the best and safest methods you can use. There are three ways to fail a urine test with fake pee: getting caught with fake urine, urine is not on the correct temperature or if you didn’t check enough synthetic urine reviews and ended up buying some low-quality fake pee brand that doesn’t come with chemicals that are found in real human urine, having urea, uric acid, for instance, are a must in 2019.

Some brands are advertised heavily, but they are very bad quality, you can also see a lot of paid synthetic urine reviews online, so it’s hard to see sometimes that what brands are legit and what is crap. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about using fake pee for a drug test, how to keep pee warm, how to smuggle to the testing room and what are the best synthetic urine brands that you can rely on.

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test

fake pee for drug test

This is the number 1 reason why people fail a drug test with synthetic urine. It’s very important that the temperature of your sample must be between 90-100°F otherwise your sample will be rejected. There are two ways to keep pee warm, heating pads or heat activator powder. Most cheaper synthetic urine brands come with heating pads, you can also buy these separately. What you have to do is to microwave your sample, when it’s on the right temperature, wrap it with the heating pad and head to the testing facility. These urine flasks usually have a built-in thermometer so you can read the current temperature of your sample quite easily.

The second way is to use hat activator powder, this method is much easier and much safer. Basically, there is no way to screw it up, unless you are blind. All you have to do is to arrive at the facility with the flask in your pant or anywhere you want to hide. When you are alone in the testing room add one-third of the vial and check the current temperature. The sample should be ready to submit, unless your synthetic urine was too cold, in this case, add a bit more powder. It takes a couple of seconds and it’s really easy to adjust the temperature this way. Be careful, do not use too much powder, because there is no way to cool down the sample.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Worst Fake Urine Brands

Bad quality synthetic urine brands do not come with Urea, uric acid, they are not balanced for perfect PH and gravity. These are basically yellow colored water in a flask with a fancy designed box. Do not choose any of these brands because you will fail for sure. Some of these used to be a good reliable brand, but not anymore those days are gone when you could simply submit a glass of yellow colored water and you passed. It’s not going to happen anymore. So the NOT recommended fake pee brands are:

  • Magnum Synthetic Urine
  • Noxide
  • U Pass
  • XStream
  • P Sure
  • Agent X

Some might contain uric acid or urea, but nothing else, these cheap brands also contains biocide which is not present in real human urine. Big labs like Labcorp know this and they started to check the sample for biocide, if it’s found in your urine, you are in trouble.

The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

There are 4 fake urine I would recommend for a drug test, however, if you have some extra money go with #1 and #2 as they are far superior to the other two. I have posted a review of the best synthetic urine brand already, It’s called Quick Luck synthetic urine. This brand contains 15+ chemicals that are present in real human urine, it comes with a heating powder and heating pad as well, so you can decide which ones to choose. It’s also premised so you don’t have to mess with fake urine powder anymore.

My second favorite fake urine brand is called Sub Solution, it’s made by the same company as Quick Luck: Clear Choice. These two brands are often called “clear choice urine”. It’s not premixed urine and it comes with heat activator powder only, everything else is the same as with Quick Luck. It’s super easy to use, simply mix a bottle of lukewarm water with the urine powder, shake it a little bit, then add the heat activator as I described it earlier. Compared to Quick Luck it’s slightly cheaper, Quick Luck costs 100$ while Sub Solution is only 80$ but still the second most expensive urine brand on the market.

best synthetic urine

The third and the fourth brands are Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine and Monkey whizz. These are both premixed urine kits and they come with heating pads only, so keeping the sample warm is more difficult here. Both contain uric acid and urea and they are balanced for perfect PH, however, they are missing a couple of ingredients that make clear choice urines outstanding. The only reason I would recommend these beside Quick luke and Sub Solution is that they are much cheaper.

Both costs around 35-40$, if money is an issue these two might be a good choice. For a simple pre-employment drug test these brands should also do the job, but if it’s a lab test for a serious job, I would recommend using Sub Solution or Quick Luck. But do not just take my word, you can see plenty of synthetic urine reviews online that are praising Quick Luck and Sub Solution synthetic urine. Check this video out for more info: