best way to pass a drug test

There are 4 main kinds of drug tests: Urine, saliva, hair, and blood. There is a fingernail test as well, but it’s not widely used. The most test is a urine drug test. In this article, I will talk about the best ways to pass a urine drug test. There are different approaches such as home remedies, detox drinks, natural detox, drug detox pills, and synthetic urine. Most of these methods can work, however most home remedies for drug test are crap, I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with them, but I will talk about this later. If you want to learn how to pass a drug test, keep reading!

Home Remedies For Drug Test That Do Not Work

Home remedies are popular because they are cheap, most of these methods can be done from household products. Unfortunately, these methods are not safe, instructions and dosages are different in every article/video. For instance, some method says you should drink two packets of Certo, than two bottles of water and you need to urinate 3 times before the test. The other video says you should take one packet only and pee 2 times only if you pee one more time your sample will be diluted. Another guy says you should also take B12 vitamin and a Gatorade energy drink. The other reason these methods do not work because there are too many factors to consider, such as your sex, age, body type, body fat %, metabolism and so on. What might work for some might not work for others. If I would facing a urine drug test, I would never consider using home remedies.

The most popular home remedies for drug test are:

  • The Certo Method (this method has the best success rate)
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Niacin
  • Drinking Green Tea or Palo Azul
  • Baking Soda
  • Apple cider Vinegar

I must say that some of these methods are healthy and they are good to speed up the detoxification, but alone none of them will get you through a urine drug test. If you are detoxing, drink as much water/tea/cranberry juice as possible, the more the better. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a very healthy way to clean your system and lose weight. The Niacin and Baking soda methods are complete bullcrap, they are not just stupid, but also dangerous. So the conclusion is, there are proven ways to pass a drug test, but home remedies are not one of them.

How to detox naturally for a drug test

Natural Detox Combined With Marijuana Detox Pills

If you want to get THC out of your system, natural detox combined with drug detox pills are the best way. This method is not that popular, because natural detox even with the best detox pills for drug test is slow. If you are a heavy smoker you will need 5-7 days to fully detox your system if you do the natural detox properly and use the best, highest quality detox pills on the market.  If you are a light smoker and you do natural detox for 2-3 days you can pass your test, but you will need some luck as well.

How To Detox Naturally For A Drug Test:

  • Drinking lots of water and tea
  • Do exercise regularly, sweating helps to detox marijuana out of your system
  • Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods. Avoid fast foods and fatty meats
  • Avoid Coffe and alcohol as well
  • And lastly, DO NOT use drugs!

So if you want to pass your drug test and detox your system permanently then go with natural detox and detox pills. The best brand you can buy called Toxin Rid. It has different detox courses:1,2,3,4,5,7 and 10 day detox course. I would not recommend short courses unless you want to combine it with detox pills. If you have enough time before the test goes with the 5,7 or 10-day detox program. The only downside is Toxin Rid’s price. The longest, 10-day course costs 189$, that’s a lot for a detox product. The second best detox pills for a drug test is called Rescue 5-day detox. I have personally not used these pills, but I know guys who have passed their test with it, so if you are low on money and you have 5-6 days before the test, you should also consider Rescue detox as an option.

detox pills for drug test


Detox Drinks – Best Way To Pass A Supervised Urine Drug Test

Detox drinks are different from detox pills. While pills clean drugs out of your system permanently, detox drinks only do masking. These drinks make your urine clean for a couple of hours so you can submit a toxin-free sample. An average detox drink costs around 60$, the best one, which is called Herbal Clean ultra Eliminex costs 80$, recommended for hardcore smokers! If you are a weed smoker and you know you will smoke again after the test I wouldn’t recommend to bother with permanent detox. It costs more money and takes more time, detox drinks are fast, they do not require preparation and also cheaper than pills.

The best detox drinks are:

  • Rescue Cleanse 32OZ 55$
  • Mega Clean detox drinks with included pre rid tablets 69$
  • Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex 80$

The instructions for most detox drinks are the same, do not smoke or use drugs in the last 48 hours before the test. Drink the content of the bottle 3 hours before the test. Refill the bottle twice with cold water, drink, and urine. Urinate 3 times before the test, thanks for the special ingredients of these drinks, your urine will look like “healthy” human urine, it will be yellow won’t look like water. If your urine is diluted your sample will be rejected, it’s very important to keep it in mind. As I said, detox drinks are the best way to pass a drug test if your test is supervised. Supervised means someone will stand next to you and watch you pee. However most urine drug tests are unsupervised, in this case, there is the safest option to pass a drug test.

proven ways to pass a drug test

Safest Way To Pass A Drug Test: Synthetic Urine

Passing a drug test is so easy with fake pee! People tend to think synthetic urine doesn’t work, they say it’s hilarious, labs are not that stupid to fool them with fake urine, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Synthetic urine for a drug test is the absolute best way to pass a drug test. If you choose the best synthetic urine brand on the market and you know how to keep it on the correct temperature, literally there is no way to fail your urine test.

The best synthetic urine brands are Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic urine ( for detailed info check out my review), Sub Solution, Quick fix 6.2 and Monkey Whizz synthetic urine. Quick Luck is your absolute best choice, the only downside is its price, one bottle costs 100$, but it’s premixed and it comes with heat activator powder and heating pads as well, so you can choose the heating method that suits you the best.

how to pass a drug test

Most people fail with synthetic urine because they either choose the wrong brand (and it doesn’t contain the necessary chemicals) or they can not keep the sample on the right temperature. Passing a urine test with Quick Luck and Sub Solution synthetic urine is easy because they come with heat activator powder. When you are in the testing facility, just add the 1/3 of the heat activator powder to your sample, shake it gently and wait a few seconds, it should reach the right temp within 5-10 seconds. The flask comes with a built-in thermometer so you can read the temperature easily.

As you can see learning how to pass a drug test easy, it requires some preparation and a little bit of investment, but it’s really worth it. Do not experiment with unsafe methods just to save a few dollars. If your job or your freedom is on the line always choose the best way possible. If you are a smoker, do not bother with permanent detox, it costs more money and takes a minimum of 5 days to completely get THC out of your system. Go with synthetic urine or detox drink, choose one of the brands that I recommended and you are good to go.

If you have any questions regarding urine testing, leave a comment below. In my next article, I will write about passing hair and saliva drug test.