How Can Fluvirin Vaccinations Fail You A Drug Test

Unfortunately, drug testing is still in use in most US states. Even if medical marijuana is legalized and it’s also legal to grow, purchase and smoke marijuana you still can find yourself in trouble at your workplace. The problem is marijuana might stay in your system for weeks (depends on many factors), so for instance on Friday night, you smoke a joint at home and you get tested on Tuesday at your workplace, your urine will contain THC and you will find yourself in big trouble, there is no way to prove that you smoked that joint 4 days ago at home.

Same for various medications and vaccinations like Fluvirin, many medications show up on drug tests and they can cause a false positive. That’s why it’s very dangerous to take medicines without prescriptions. If you have the proper prescription papers from your doctor, that you were vaccinated or you are on some kind of medicine, then its all good, but otherwise, you are doomed.

Beside opiate and other medications many foods, plants and drinks can cause false positives. I am sure you have heard the story of the woman who tested positive because of a poppy seed bagel. So the point of this post it to warn you, there are so many things to consider when you are facing with a drug test, medications, legal marijuana or even a bagel can fail you and you will suffer the consequences. In my previous post, I mentioned a few ways how to pass a drug test easily, If you suspect, you might be drug tested in the near future, I highly suggest you check out that post.