Does MEga Clean Work

There are many different detox drinks on the market, but only a handful works as its advertised. Most of these drinks are colored water with some added vitamins and fancy packing. Detoxify is a famous brand, they have around 10 different detox products, some are good, some are not so great, but what about Mega Clean? Is it really that good as people the reviews say it online? In this Mega Clean review I will tell you how Mega Clean works, what are my personal experiences with this detox drink, where to buy Mega Clean and what are the possible alternatives. Det

How To Use Mega Clean Detox

Instructions for Mega Clean are not different from other detox products, try to stay away from drugs and all kind of toxins as long as you can (preferably 3-4 days minimum), 2 hours before the test drink the content of the bottle (shake it first), after15 minutes refill the empty bottle with water one more time and drink it again. In the next 30-60 minutes, you should urinate 2-3x to flush out toxins from your system. In the next 5 hours, your urine should be free of toxins.

According to the instructions, if you drink one more bottle of water, you can extend the window period by 2 hours. I have never tried and I am not sure if it’s safe or not, so I would not recommend it. Make sure you drink the solution 2 hours before the test, so you will have plenty of time to submit your sample.

Does Mega Clean Work?

Well, Mega Clean is one from the better ones on the market, but I would not call it the best detox drink for a drug test. However, you can enhance the effectiveness with some pre rid pills. Actually it’s a good idea to use some detox pills 1-2 days before the test, this way you can get rid of a lot of toxins and Mega Clean will have a much easier job to mask the remaining toxins in your system. It’s highly recommended for heavy smokers and for those who have larger body mass.

If you buy Mega Clean in a regular smoke shop or in Walmart or Walgreens you cant buy pre rid pills. However, if you purchase Mega Clean from you will get 6 Toxin Rid pre rid pills for free. To be honest, it’s not completely free, because the price of Mega Clean is higher than in other shops, but 6 Toxin Rid pills are very powerful pre rid supplements, by taking these pills you will increase your chances of passing the test significantly. The Mega Clean Toxin Rid combo costs $69, so its not a serious amount If you decide to use Ultra Eliminex, that costs $80.

does mega clean work

Mega Clean Alternatives

The conclusion of this Mega Clean review is that its a great detox drink and it works even for heavy smokers, but if you want to be 100% safe, always use some pre rid supplements and stop smoking days before the test. You can also do a few days of natural detox program (changing diet, doing exercise, drinking lots of water etc), but in most cases, it’s not necessary.

There are two other detox drinks brands I could recommend and these are Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse and Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. Both are fantastic detox drinks, I would recommend them for anyone. I have personally tested them, and also keep recommending for others and never had any issue with them. In my next article, I will review these detox drinks. If you are a very heavy smoker and don’t have time to do a proper natural detox, I would recommend using synthetic urine, that’s still the safest and easiest way to pass a urine drug test.