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Any Quick Luck synthetic urine review which doesn’t tell you it’s the most modern, foolproof, best synthetic urine on the market, is lying to you. Probably to sell you a competitors product.

But is it really as good as people are saying? Can Quick Luck really pass any level of a urine drug test?

Well, in this review of Quick Luck, I’m going to tell you about what you get in the Quick Luck premixed urine kit, how to use it, where to buy it, and also which is your best choice out of Quick Luck vs Sub Solution.

Who Makes Quick Luck & What Is It?

Clear Choice makes Quick Luck. They also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the premium detox drinks on the market. Plus, their other Clear Choice urine product, Sub Solution, is currently the bestselling synthetic urine ever.

So Clear Choice has the pedigree, and that’s why you had to sit up and take notice when they announced they were releasing Quick Luck synthetic urine.

Sub Solution is awesome synthetic urine, and it will get you through all sorts of basic drug tests. Quick Luck is a more complex solution, plus it’s premixed. Sub Solution is a powder, but with Quick Luck, you get the convenience of it being ready to warm up.

The Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

The Quick Luck premixed urine kit is very straightforward to use, and it consists of just the following few things:

  • 3 oz container of premixed synthetic urine
  • Heat Pad
  • The container of heat activator powder
  • Temperature strip

So as you can see, you don’t even need to mix up Quick Luck. It’s ready to go. It’s one of the most straightforward premixed urine kits around, and it’s even more simple than Sub Solution, which you have to mix from a powder.

How To Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Using Quick Luck is pretty straightforward. Anyone can do it, and it only takes a few moments.

You have the following options for using Quick Luck:

  1. Add heat activator powder until it reaches the right temperature, the legal temperature range for a submitted urine sample is between 90°F and 100°F.
  2. Microwave the sample, then activate the heat pad to keep it at the right temperature.
  3. Activate the heat pad, and use that to heat the sample. But you will also need body temperature and about one hour.

After that, it’s simply a case of going in submitting your sample. The heat activator powder is brilliant because it allows you to check the sample temperature, and adjust it, right up to the moment you walk into the testing facility.

Quick Luck vs Sub Solution

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

Quick Luck and Sub Solution are both awesome formulas of synthetic urine products.

I’ve used Sub Solution several times myself, to pass a basic pre-employment drug test. As Quick Luck is an even more complex formula than Sub Solution, then it stands to reason it will pass the more advanced drug tests out there.

Plus, the Quick Luck formula is a modern one, updated in 2019. So it’s been adjusted based on the latest feedback and information.

So Quick Luck is a slightly more complex formula, and on top of that, it is more convenient.

Because it’s premixed, you literally don’t have to prep anything. That means it’s ideal for keeping in a locker at work or even your car. You can just put in the heat activator powder, and in less than five minutes, you’re ready to submit a sample. That makes it the ultimate in safety and flexibility.

Quick Luck Review: Conclusion

Look, the conclusion of my Quick Luck synthetic urine review, is that its awesome synthetic urine. It will pass literally any type of urine drug test, and preparation is minimal, making it safe, and something to keep near you.

But there is a negative to this review of this Clear Choice urine product. The price.

Sub Solution is $80. A competitors product, which will still pass some basic pre-employment tests, Quick Fix, is $40.  Quick Luck is $100.

However, for that hundred dollars, you are getting the ultimate peace of mind, and from now on, it’s certainly the only premixed urine kit that I will be keeping at the ready.

Clear Choice urine also does a practice kit. You can buy it as a combo deal with Quick Luck. It gives you the opportunity to test preparing the sample and using it so that you don’t make any mistakes with your hundred dollars Quick Luck premixed urine kit.