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I was thinking about writing a Sub Solution synthetic urine review before, but recently I was very busy and I did not work much on my blog recently, but the time has come. A few months before I have posted detailed synthetic urine and a Quick Luck synthetic urine review before. Quick Luck and Sub Solution are basically the same except a few small differences, but because Sub Solution is the most famous urine I decided to write a quick review for you guys.

About Clear Choice Urine

People often ask what Clear Choice urine is? Is this a brand or Clear Choice urine mean both Sub Solution and Quick Luck? Actually Clear Choice is a well-known detox product brand, they are the manufacturer of Herbal Pre Cleanse formula, Rescue Cleanse, Oral Clear Gum, Sub Solution, and Quick Luck synthetic urine. So when someone says Clear Choice urine that means both products: Sub Solution and Quick Luck. As most people know these two fake urine products are the best on the market, they are much better than Agent X, Monkey Whizz or Quick Fix.

In the past it was enough to make the urine product look like real pee, the ingredients did not play an important role, but this changed completely in the last 5 years. I do not want to go into details regarding the requirements of a quality synthetic urine, but if you want to learn more about, I highly recommend to check out this review.

Clear Choice uses a much more complex formula than it’s competitors. Both of their urine products come with urea, uric acid and they both are balanced for specific PH and gravity. One more important thing I would like to mention is, Clear Choice products do not contain biocides.

Biocides are unnatural chemicals that are used for preservation, but normally they are not found in human urine, therefore if a lab test for the presence of biocides it’s really easy to find out if its real human pee or something artificial. Every single fake urine brand uses these chemicals in their urine products, except Clear Choice.

Sub Solution review

Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck Vs Quick Fix Vs Monkey Whizz

I would like to keep this paragraph short, I have mentioned already that Quick Luck and Sub Solution are superior to Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix, but here is a quick list that makes them better:

Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck have a much more complex formula. For a regular drug test, Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz are most likely enough, but it also depends on the person who ordered the test. You will never know what kind of drug test you are facing. It can be a simple 5-panel drug test, or it can be something much more complex lab test, in this case, Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz are guaranteed to fail, that’s why you need to invest in better quality products.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck look like real human pee the other brands are not even close. In most cases, the lab assistant would do a quick visual inspection, as long as it’s yellow you are good to go, but if for any reason she gives it a closer look, you will find yourself in big trouble. Quick fix and Monkey Whizz (not to mention other cheap brands) have unnatural, browniesh, greenish color, no foam and none of them have any smell. Chances a lab assistant would smell your sample is quite small, but who knows, its better to be safe than sorry.

Clear Choice urine products come with heat activator powder while other brands come with simple heating pads. The main reason why people fail is the wrong urine temperature. Heating pads are extremely unreliable, using heat activator powder is the fastest and safest way to bring your sample to the correct temperature. It’s very easy to use and it takes less than 5 seconds. I would say this is the most important difference, this is why Clear Choice urine products are superior to other synthetic urine brands.

synthetic urine review

The Difference Between Quick Luck And Sub Solution, Which One To Buy

There isn’t much difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck. In 99% of the cases you are good with Sub Solution, but if you want to be as safe as possible, plus you do not want to mix powdered urine with water than Quick Luck is the way to go. Yes, these are the differences, Quick Luck comes with a few extra chemicals, I can not name them, but according to the box, it comes with 2 extra chemicals compared to Sub Solution.

Another small difference is Quick Luck comes with both heating powder and heating pad as well, while Sub Solution comes with powder only. The third difference is Quick Luck is premixed urine while the Sub solution is a powdered urine kit, which means you need to mix the urine powder with water and then add the heat activator powder. The last difference is the price, one bottle of Sub Solution Synthetic urine costs $80 and one Quick Luck is $100. Whichever you choose you chose well, both are excellent products and using them is definitely the safest way to pass a urine drug test.